Jacob Wiant - 1st Place Drawing/Black and White, 1st Place Fashion Design, 1st Place Relief, 2nd Place Printmaking, 4th Place 2D Mixed Media, 5th Place Drawing/Color, 5th Place Seek and Sketch, 7th Place Painting, 7th Place Relief, 7th Place Fashion Design, Honorable Mention 2D Mixed Media
Molly Austin - 2nd Place Computer Rendered Art, 5th Place Computer Rendered Art
Payton Frechette - 2nd Place 2D Mixed Media
Noah Richards - 2nd Place Photography/Color, 6th Place for Photography/Color
Jessica Inga – 6th Place Seek and Sketch, 6th Place Seek and Sketch
Savannah Lowe - 6th Place Sculpture, 8th Place Computer Rendered Art
Joshua Stephens - 7th Place Photography/Color
Ava Xie - 7th Place Pottery & Ceramics