Portraying God's love in relationships, sacrifices and daily choices

Our graduates are students of God's word, including God's plan for their lives. From stories of faith to spiritual truths and disciplines, graduates have developed core components of a biblical worldview to approach whatever life brings.
Servant Leadership is a core component of FWC's learning outcomes, reflected in obedience through giving of time and treasure and the responsible use of each. Graduates have learned to identify spiritual gifts in themselves and others and will work to use them to God's glory.
An FWC graduate is developing his or her personal relationship with Jesus Christ through prayer and submission, learning to listen to God and demonstrating respect for His Word and His plan for each follower.
Our graduates are effective in sharing their personal faith story and have developed skills for mentoring and discipleship. Showing the love of Christ through formal and informal mission efforts. FWC graduates are prepared for their respective roles in God's work.