As a result of the Cardinal Education Foundation’s grant, the Cardinal Learning Center is officially up and running.

There are two Cardinal Learning Center Labs - a Primary Lab located in the Lower School School and a Secondary Lab that supports both Middle and Upper School students. The purpose of the Learning Labs will be to support students who have been identified as having some type of learning difference or disability that directly impacts their ability to access the academic curriculum. As an academically rigorous, college preparatory school, Fort Worth Christian will offer basic accommodations to support and develop each student’s unique potential, while at the same time, holding true to the academic and spiritual mission of the school.

In order to be eligible to receive academic accommodations, a student must have completed psychoeducational testing and have a current (within 3 years) report on file which delineates a diagnosis that would interfere with school functioning. Once a valid, current report is received, the CLC Director will review, conference with teachers, and develop appropriate accommodations that Fort Worth Christian can provide without modifying the curriculum. Our Learning Labs are designed to provide basic accommodations, such as a quiet place to test, extra time to test, small group testing, test items read aloud (for the dyslexic population) and other similar adjustments. It is important to understand that the Learning Labs are NOT designed to modify the FWC curriculum in any way. In the Primary Learning Lab, there will be basic accommodations mentioned above, as well as repetition and re-teaching using alternative methods for grade level concepts that have not been mastered.

Cardinal Learning Center Team:
Kristin Nelson: Director
Heather Breeding: Upper School Coordinator
Blair Blanco: Upper School Instructor
Jennifer Brewton: Upper School Instructor
Laura Pritchard: Lower School Specialist
Tamara Martin: Evaluation Specialist