If a picture is worth a thousand words, these pictures tell a great story of tough conditions, tougher kids, and an experience together that will likely be unmatched again by the 2018 XC team.  Our HS team embraced the unique opportunity to be their best.  Last week it was extreme heat, this week it was extreme flooding and mud. Running is tough, cross-country racing with variable conditions is a whole new level of tough.  These conditions are not what we hoped for, but the team still found joy in what they had.  Congratulations to those who competed.  Our varsity boys who were to compete in the Varsity Boys Open 5k division were supposed to follow the girls’ race. Midway through the girls’ race, however, the flood waters rose so high it was no longer feasible to even run on the parts of the course.

In the Girls 5k Open race, Jenna Llyod competed fiercely and was our first finisher in 88th place overall with a time of 25:11.  Next was Kaitlyn Makens in 183rd, Annie Carter (230th), and Allie Tucker (231st).  They all were happy to finish!

In the Elite Boys 5k division, Carter Cheeseman finished 2nd overall, placing 1 second behind his friend Camren Fischer (right), from Arkansas, one of the top runners in the country.

Even though our Varsity Open boys’ race was canceled, the guys were warmed up, on the start line and ready to go.  Once the race was canceled, the boys took off and raced at least the first 800m of the race as they wanted to experience the fun as well!