The XC teams had another successful race day at the DBU Orville Rogers Invitational. Each athlete had to dig deep, make many decisions throughout the race, and stay focused to block out the distraction of the hot conditions and the pain associated with race-effort work. We started off the day with a good run from boys HS varsity. Josh Stephens (92nd overall) led the charge with a personal best, and Jamie Deitchman (93rd) was only one step behind and also ran a personal best. Next was Johnny Ringo (104th), Matthew Starks (113th), Brady Stroud (121st), Trent Haynes (123rd), Josh Ringo (126th), and Nate Krutenat (128th). The boys finished 16th as a team. The next race featured our mighty juniors Allie Tucker (40th overall) and Annie Carter (63rd), who carried the FWC name well to finish their first 5k of 2018 season. The MS boys finished 8th as a team with great runs from all 15 boys! Jefferson Jensen (35th overall) led our varsity attack, followed by Luke Reed (40th), Hudson Lowry (44th), Ethan Hernandez (74th), Cage Collins (76th), Patrick McGaughey (87th), and Sam Mallette (90th). Our next eight included Joshua Lee (92nd), Phoenix Walsh (97th), Joshua Martinez (100th), Cooper King (102nd), Caleb Beck (109th), Aiden Schiel (112th), Koshy Kandathil (116th), and Garrett Haynes (118th). The last race of the day was a treat as the girls battled for the win. While the girls fought hard they came up 4 points shy, finishing 2nd as a team. They showed, however, their team strength and preparedness, as they raced hard and captured team runner-up honors among 12 teams. The FWC girls brought home 4 of the top 12 places. Abby Faith Cheeseman (2nd overall), followed by Kaitlyn Moore (3rd), Kendall Moore (6th) , and Nicole Stroud (12th) captured our first four spots and were followed by Cami Crumpler (40th), and newcomers Jasmine Baciocco (45th), Sophia Brennan (57th), Kadi Vaughn (87th), and Jett Williams (88th). Congratulations to all of our racers! They were courageous.