We have been at Fort Worth Christian for 3 years. It is so amazing to see the teachers and staff pour into our kids. Whatever their passion is, academics, sports, fine arts, service, etc., Fort Worth Christian allows them to follow that passion and encourages them to succeed. I feel the level of education is excellent, but more importantly the desire to see our kids grow into Christian leaders far surpasses anything else. I feel like we have made the best decision for our family by choosing Fort Worth Christian.

Paul Dalton Father of 2 Boys at FWC
2018-19 Tuition Schedule:

We realize that a Fort Worth Christian School education is a sacrifice, and we thank you for the investment you are making in your child’s future. Choosing us as your partner in building your child’s foundation allows your child to be known, loved, and valued, to have a biblical worldview infused throughout his or her curricular and extra-curricular experiences, and to be inspired to achieve excellence in and out of the classroom.

We are into year number three at Fort Worth Christian and we couldn't be any happier! Both our kids love and enjoy going to school there. If you are looking for a Christ-centered school that focuses not only on your child's academic career, but also teaching them to be great Christian leaders, this is the place to be. They have wonderful teachers and staff who love on your kids daily. FWC is doing a fantastic job teaching and preparing our kids for the future. The leadership of FWC surpasses other schools we have been to and we are proud to be a Cardinal Family. Our FWC community is like non-other and has been a true blessing to us.

Wendy Reedy Mother of 1 Son and 1 Daughter at FWC
Elementary Tuition
Grade Tuition
PreK (3 Day) $4,320
PreK (5 Day) $7,200
Kindergarten $10,300
1st Grade $12,700
2nd Grade $12,700
3rd Grade $13,000
4th Grade $13,000
5th Grade $13,000

Middle School Tuition
Grade Tuition
6th Grade $14,150
7th Grade $14,450
8th Grade $14,450

High School Tuition
Grade Tuition
9th Grade $15,950
10th Grade $15,950
11th Grade $16,100
12th Grade $16,100

Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable) $500 per student
New Admission Application & Testing Fee $200 per student
New Admission Facility Fee (Grades K-11) $1,500 per family
Payment Plan Fee 4% of tuition amount paid through the payment plan

International Student Fees
International Application Fee $700 per student
International Student Fee $4,000 per student

Tuition Information:

Tuition includes the following: books, athletics and fine arts participation, and 1:1 computer technology.

Tuition or FACTS Payment Plan account is due June 1, 2018 or 10 days after acceptance. If your child is not returning, the school must be notified. After June 1, 2018, you are responsible for the full tuition amount.

Multiple Student Discount: For multiple students in the same immediate family, the student in the highest grade pays full tuition, the student in the next highest grade receives a 5% discount, the third student, or any additional students, receive a 10% discount.

Without a doubt, choosing to send our children to FWC was the right decision. It is comforting to know the values and biblical foundations taught at FWC reinforce those taught at home and at our church. FWC is a family and my boys are loved and nurtured by so many teachers, administrators, and parent volunteers.

Gary Delhougne Father of 2 Boys at FWC