The most important element of any school is its teachers. Our teachers are nurturing, creative, state-certified professional who love teaching children. Our goal is that FWC students look forward to learning and are challenged daily to use their talents to glorify God.

Daily chapel consists of praise, prayers and Bible readings led by teachers, special speakers and students. Parents are welcome to attend.
All students have specialized teachers for art, technology, music, physical education, Spanish and library.
Students experience hands-on learning with WeDo from LEGO Education. WeDo uses an easy-to-use software interface and a cross-curricular, plun’n’teach activity pack that improves communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills.
- Academic Meet (4th, 5th)
- Band/Chorus (5th)
- Educational Fieldtrips
- Overnight Trips (3rd–5th)
- Class Musicals
- Strings Program
- Spelling Bee
- Student Council
- Service Projects
- Honor Choir