Guest post from Mrs. Elizabeth Green, FWC Elementary Principal

FWC Elementary Principal - Mrs. Elizabeth Green

Parents often ask us what their child needs to know before coming to kindergarten. If you search this question on Google, you’ll find hundreds of articles and blogs written from many viewpoints. The truth is, kindergarteners come to school at a variety of levels cognitively, socially and emotionally. Some of that is based on family experience, preschool experience, and maturity. There are some skills that will help your child be more successful as they transition into a kindergarten classroom.

I started with asking the experts…our kindergarteners! Their answers showed the important things. “Loving God and Jesus!” came from several. What a beautiful response. The next group focused on knowing how to be a friend. “Know how to help each other,” and “Be kind,” were two of my favorites. When asked what they needed to know to do their work the best, I heard, “Obey!” and “Concentrate!” Think they may have heard that somewhere?

FWC Kindergarten Teachers

Next, I talked to our amazing kindergarten teachers, Mrs. Owen and Mrs. Powell. They came up with these “Top 10 Ways I Need to be Ready for Kindergarten.” While these skills may not be perfected, they will help with the expectations of formalized school.

  • I can say my first and last name.
  • I can write my first name.
  • I know all of the capital letters and most of the lowercase letters.
  • I can rhyme words.
  • I can tell a short story using complete sentences.
  • I know the numbers 1 to 10 and can count 10 or more objects.
  • I can draw a person with a head, body, arms and legs.
  • I can name colors, shapes and sizes.
  • I can use the bathroom without help.
  • I can follow simple directions.

There are lots of great resources for both developmental tracking and fun ways to practice skills, especially if your child does not attend an academic preschool. PBS Parents has an excellent development tracker from age one to age nine. I especially appreciate their Tips for Building Learning Skills under the “Approaches to Learning” category for ages 5-6.

Children come to kindergarten at a wide variety of abilities. Watching them grow and develop is a beautiful and miraculous journey. If you are looking for a Christ-centered school where your child will be known, loved and valued, taught excellence in and out of the classroom, and learn to thrive and lead in the 21st century, come see us at Fort Worth Christian School!

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